Where it all began

The cStat™ system was conceived by Mark Fackler and Tamara Gathright. Mark and Tammy began their careers in the Due Diligence consulting industry in the early 1990’s. In May of 2003 they founded Azland Risk Management LLC, a national boutique consulting firm specializing in commercial real estate risk management for lenders.

In their years as consultants, Mark and Tammy became increasingly frustrated with the process for due diligence that was outdated, inefficient and unnecessarily costly. The industry was ripe for innovation, and Mark and Tammy felt that combining their knowledge and experience in the field with the newest technology available would be the best way to empower field professionals and bring the due diligence process into the modern age. This was the inspiration for the development of a new company, Collateral Status ™.

The cStat ™ Environmental Application, both mobile and web-based, is the culmination of their effort.


Mark H. Fackler

President & CEO

Mark has a wide range of environmental knowledge and due diligence work experience over the past 20 years. As an Environmental Professional (EP), he has gained extensive experience in various environmental areas such as Chemical Management, Minimization of Environmental Liabilities, and CERCLA, RCRA, NEPA/Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, and Clean Air and Water Act laws and regulations. During his career, Mark has a track record of developing innovative due diligence products, which have been utilized by the private and governmental lending institutions. In the mid to late 1990s, he helped develop the scope and deliverables currently utilized for desktop environmental reviews conducted by major lending institutions and most recently adopted by the US Small Business Administration for their Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA). Mark’s formal education includes Bachelors of Science and Graduate level studies in Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology, and Groundwater Geochemistry from the University of Kentucky.

Tamara Gathright

Director of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder of cStat

Tamara has been involved in the national commercial real-estate market for more than a decade and a half. She has dealt extensively with lending institutions, insurance providers, rating agencies, underwriters and real-estate management and service providers. She has handled client development and sales for major accounts in the consulting industry and served as partner for two nationally recognized environmental consulting firms. She has helped rapidly expand the cStat system throughout the United States by focusing on sales operations and customer service. Tamara has a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Louisville and is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association and the Environmental Bankers Association.

Kurt Winters

Director of Technical Sales and Implementation

Kurt is an EP (Environmental Professional) with over 27 years of professional experience, specializing in environmental due diligence. He has conducted a significant number of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on various types of properties. He has also performed senior-level third-party reviews for several environmental firms and has extensive experience with tiered environmental due diligence. In addition to his experience as an environmental consultant, Kurt has spent several years as an environmental vendor sales manager assisting other environmental consultants with their environmental database and information requirements for Phase I ESAs. As the Director of Technical Sales and Implementation, he is able to utilize both his environmental consulting background and his experiences working with other environmental professionals to provide outstanding customer support. Kurt is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Geology.